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Gabbai for iPad is a digital zmanim clock, and is a great way to keep your shul informed. Just install the app on your iPad and hang it up.


Buy Gabbai

You can download Gabbai from the App Store.



Gabbai is configured to work right out of the box. Gabbai ships with announcements pre-configured, but if you'd like, you can add your own. You can choose from over 30 kinds of announcements. Gabbai can show custom text, pictures from the iPad's camera roll, and just about every zman.

To hang Gabbai in your shul, check out these secure wall mounts. If you'd like to use Gabbai on a larger screen, you can get a 30-pin to HDMI adapter, or use AirPlay with an Apple TV. For a longer power cable than the one that ships with the iPad, Apple carries this one and there are several options on Amazon.



Gabbai uses your location to calculate prayer times. I don't collect this information. If you send a technical support email from within the app, Gabbai will automatically prepare an email with some location related information, but if you'd like, you can remove that information from the email before sending it.



You can send your questions, comments, and feedback to gabbaiapp@gmail.com. I personally receive these emails on my iPhone and I'll answer them as soon as I can.



Behind every great app is a great story. Gabbai is no exception. Read Gabbai's story here.


Thank You

These people helped me in some way or another with Gabbai. A special thank you goes out to my parents, and the following people. Thanks are always best served alphabetically.

Avraham Burger, Avi Greenberger, Avraham Yona Vegh, Binyamin Aronowicz, Dave DeLong, David Iserovich, Dovid Fishfeld, Rabbi Dov Hammel, Eliyahu Hershfeld, Eric Greenblatt, Professor Eva Cogan, Rabbi Gary Ambrose, Gary Benjamin, Hillel Adelman, Jacob Goldman, Jacob Relkin, Natan Rolnik, Rabbi Reuven and Rebetzin Shira Boshnack, Rabbi Shaul Katz, Rabbi Shaul Small, Rabbi Shaya Cohen, Shmuel Adler, Professor Yedidyah Langsam, Yehuda Hecht, Yitzchak Friedman, and Rabbi Zvi Romm.

If you download Gabbai, I'll thank you too.